My name is Allessa Black and this is my mini bio. Enjoy:)I'm a fun loving passionate and very cooky, Scorpio. As a child my nickname was airhead. It tends to still hold true to this day! Deciding to become a hair designer has increased my focus, energy and my peace of mind. Being a stylist is my favorite thing to do, second to playing with my daughter. I was inspired to be a hair designer as a teen, while watching beautiful women transform their clients not only on the outside; but their energy on the inside. This is one of the few businesses where you can hands on give people a full experience both mentally and physically, by making each individual feel beautiful! After having my daughter my passion was even more lit on fire by her beauty and her crafty young mind. In a jist I'm just a happy go lucky momma trying to help people bring their inner beauty to the outside and have an amazing time doing it!!

Man, oh, man!! We had so much fun with this gal today! She hasn't cut her hair in 4 years and came in wanting it cut and styled like Marilyn Monroe. We cut 22" off for her to donate to charity! Not only did Julie knock this out of the park but I think it's safe to say VM and Julie have gained a forever friend. @unite_hair care is the only thing to touch her lovely locks from wash to finished look! Get ya some! #oklahomacity #velvetmonkeysalons #velvetmonkeytoo #unite #transformationtuesday